Why is Climate-Controlled Storage Necessary?

Published on 8/24/2022

Why is climate-controlled storage necessary?

When it comes to storage, one of the most popular options we offer in our facility is climate-controlled units. In fact, many of our units tend to be climate controlled because it’s become so popular within our community!

But it’s fair to wonder why exactly these units have become so popular, and we’ve even had some customers ask us why it’s even necessary. To be honest, we’re glad our customers ask us this question, as basic storage units have gotten the job done (and quite well, we might add) for decades.

Is it really necessary? Or are these units really just “nice to have?”

Although our industry is in universal agreeance that climate-controlled storage units are a great option and “here to stay,” whether it is “necessary” is solely determined by what your needs are. Frankly put, not everyone needs a climate-controlled unit, but it is something that everyone should at least consider!

Temperature-regulated storage not only provides you with more space at home but also helps protect your stored belongings from the elements. Extreme heat and cold can do a lot of damage to items such as clothing, books, electronics, and more, and what may have been in good condition before may end up in poor condition by the time you retrieve it from your unit.

Climate-controlled storage helps prevent those issues from happening, and it’s why you might be able to use your old Nintendo 64 years after you stored it away.

Bow Tie Storage is here to help you

If you’re looking to learn more about climate-controlled storage or if you want to see what your self-storage options may be, Bow Tie Storage in Louisville, Kentucky, is ready to help you.

Our facility offers a plethora of storage options at varying sizes and prices, ensuring that you can find the exact unit for your needs. The facility also offers State-Of-The-Art Noke Smart Entry Systems, which provide you with control of your storage unit right from your smartphone! You can take comfort in knowing that you are always in control of your unit and its safety.

Check out our site or give us a call at (502) 296-7400 to learn more about how our storage solutions can help you! You can also find us on 3400 Bashford Avenue Court, right down the road from Kroger and the JenCare Senior Medical Center!